Golf Passport Program

The Golf Passport program is a great way to get or stay involved in golf!

  • For $100.00 per month Golf Passport members receive on course and private coaching sessions.  Also included are the green fees, cart fees and range balls.
  • Trackman Launch Monitor and video is available during the private sessions and included in the monthly membership.
  • Members also receive 10 medium buckets of range balls per month that can be redeemed at Morro Bay, Dairy Creek or Chalk Mountain Golf Courses.
  • Members also have access to 9 hole Golf Passport Leagues at Morro Bay and Chalk Mountain Golf Course.  The leagues have a $10.00 participation fee which includes green fees, cart fees, warm up bucket of range balls and prizes.

Programs are conducted at Morro Bay, Dairy Creek and Chalk Mountain Golf Courses.


Golf Passport Descriptions

One on One

This is a 1/2 hour private session. Where “All Athletes” get One on One coaching with technical input, TrackMan and Video feedback as needed to help players learn, improve and understand their golf swing.

One Player Per 1/2 Hour Class

Practice Area & Putting

This class focuses on technique for pitching, chipping, bunkers and putting in the Practice Area.

9 Players Per Class

On Course – Practice
This class is where each player will practice full swings, pitching,
chipping, putting and bunkers on the golf course. The coach will
decide what will be practiced that day depending on the class
make up and how busy the golf course is. There will be a few holes
where players will keep score.
12 Players Per Class
On Course

Break 50

This class is for new golfers. The class will mainly be
on the golf course.

Chalk Mountain G.C. now has 3
tees forward of the existing tees. In this class the
players will start at the closest forward tee and learn to
shoot a score under 50 before they move back to the
next tee.

We will also cover Golf Etiquette and Rules
so the players will be comfortable playing golf with
their friends, family in tournaments. All equipment is provided.

9 Players Per Class

Free lessons for Begging Adults
this summer at
Chalk Mountain Golf Course


Free Adult Beginning
Golf Lessons

at Chalk Mountain Golf Course
This class is for adults who are beginners at golf
on Tuesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.
Starting Tuesday, June 12th.

Free Lessons for juniors
at Chalk Mountain


Free Junior Golf Lessons
at Chalk Mountain Golf Course
This class is for junior golfers on Tuesday from 4 to 5pm.
Starting Tuesday, June 12th.

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